Kevin Bonanno

I'm a software engineer currently working at Fetch Rewards. Start scrolling to learn more about me.

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About Me

Hi - thanks for checking out my website.
I'm a full-time software engineer who began coding my freshman year of college. I realized how much I liked coding and added a minor in Computer Science to my MIS degree. I continued my education while working as a software engineer and I now have a Master's of Science in Computer Science.

My programming interest started with a desire to automate tasks. The orchestration of pressing a key and watching the computer do the work for me is great. Let's let computers do what they were made to do so we can move on to other tasks.

I also enjoy working with data. I like handling back-end systems, prioritizing performance, and developing/using APIs. Using these data wrangling abilities to implement new features and improve the user experience is one of my favorite things to do in programming.

Outside of programming, I enjoy fitness and all types of games (video games, board games, sports). I like any activity that makes me think and has a high skill ceiling.
I play chess on lichess and My favorite time format is rapid. You can find me here or here.

Interested in getting in touch? I'd love to hear from you.
Ask me anything about Georgia Tech's OMSCS program, tell me what you're working on, challenge me to a game of chess, or whatever is on your mind.
Feel free to email me or reach out on LinkedIn.